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Check In With These 3 Sets Of Reflective Questions

Questions for your career, your relationships, and yourself.

Things are slow, quiet, and uncertain. I don't know about you, but I've experienced days feeling:


-Frustrated and helpless

-Confused about everything

-Random surges of energy (that I channel into TikTok dancing or creative projects)


-Anxious about when things will go back to "normal"

-Happy about little things like warm tea and cat snuggles

-Grateful for friends, family, and the roof over my head

-Nostalgic for things like road trips, busy coffee shops, and getting ice cream on a hot summer day

It's a rollercoaster, right?

The thing about rollercoasters is that they're moving. Very fast. So even though you may feel stuck in limbo, you're actually growing and changing in more ways than you might realize.

In order to uncover some of these subconscious thoughts and feelings, I've put together a list of soul-searching questions to ask yourself in those quiet little moments.

I hope they spark some clarity.

For Your Career

Millions of people have lost their jobs or been furloughed (myself included) in the wake of coronavirus. Before job searching again, waiting to return to your current job, or even if you're one of the lucky ones who do still have your job, consider these few questions:

- Do you feel a sense of purpose in your work? If not, what would make you feel a sense of purpose?

- Do you miss your job? Why or why not?

- Does your job align with your longterm goals and bring you closer to them? How so?

- Can you see yourself growing at your company or in this field longterm?

For Your Relationships

- Do your relationships feel at ease and empower you? If not, how can you change this?

- Are your relationships a mixture of give and take?

- What do you value in a relationship? (Romantic or platonic)

- What do you need out of a relationship to fully be yourself?

- What do you think your best quality is as a friend or partner?

For Yourself

- What have you learned during this period?

- What are some things you miss and don't miss?

- When this is over, what will you start doing? What will you stop doing?

- What little things won't you take for granted after this?

- Are you satisfied overall with your life as a whole? If yes, what is fueling that? If no, what would it take in order to feel fulfilled?

Stay strong, stay home, and support healthcare workers. <3


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