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Burnt out of burnout, u? (Newsletter)

There’s a lotttt of talk about burnout. I, and maybe you too, have experienced the chronic stress of overworking and feeling mentally/emotionally drained. People are legit quitting their jobs for the sake of their mental health and creating this radical revolution of clock-out culture. But is anyone shocked that burnout is more prevalent than ever? More importantly, why are we treating it like some trend and not using it as a chance to reshape the way we approach work? Toxic hustle culture is the prime example of the overemphasis of the Head center in the Enneagram: that we must rely on logic, facts, and reason instead of our feelings, intuition, and own experiences. There’s a survival of the fittest mentality that goes along with this, which is this scarcity mindset that there’s not enough for everyone: i.e. there’s not enough room at the top so I must work extra hard to get promoted. There’s not enough room for me as a coach or a writer because everyone’s already doing it and saying the same things. It thrives on competition over collaboration and community. It denies our “flaws” and “shadow parts” which causes shame instead of acceptance and understanding. It defines strength as your ability to be stoic and unphased rather than be open, vulnerable, and communicative. No wonder people are burning the eff out. Why do we not emphasize taking the time to truly invest in understanding ourselves? Why do we deny the parts of ourselves that make us human, instead of using them to have more effective conversations and unite different perspectives? Why do we value productivity as doing rather than dreaming, feeling, and being? It’s time to do something about burnout culture. Last time, I gave you a business strengths guide to reqauint you with all your gifts so you can work more intentionally. In case you didn’t get it, you can find it again right here. Here are a few questions to reflect on while using it.

  • What makes you feel most fulfilled and satisfied? Can you see how this relates back to your Enneagram type?

  • What business strengths of your type (or tritype!) feel most representative of you? Can you think of specific scenarios where you incorporated these strengths, whether at work or in your personal life?

  • What makes you lose track of time because you become so consumed by it? How does this tie into your values (check the values of your type that are listed)

  • Pick one of the bullet points under “How You Can Get People’s Attention” and expand on how you can use this tactic right now to shape your business or personal brand.

Sometimes, you just need to be reminded and redirected that you're on the right path. Other times, you need a refresh and a reroute. Wherever you are in your journey, I invite you to explore the Enneagram to understand your foundation and build a career that fills you with passion and purpose using the best parts of yourself—because you deserve that, and so do the rest of us.

Julianne’s List:

A new roundup of reads and recs I’ll be including in my newsletters with a focus on spiritual wellness and social good.

  • For when you have big dreams but follow-through is hard: this podcast episode is for anyone who struggles with consistency, offering great insight for developing habits rather than goals.

  • For getting through the afternoon slump: these suggestions offer the perk-up you need to finish the rest of the day strong—naps, dance parties, and all.

  • For bringing good vibes into your space, these twisty, wavy, pastely home accents give me all the 😍's

  • For when your heart is breaking for Britney. Sadly, situations like hers are all too familiar for those struggling with mental illness and this first-person piece touches on what this is like.

  • For when you're going through your Saturn return and the ch-ch-changes are real, consider this your self-care guide for entering astronomical adulthood. (spoiler alert: I wrote this one).

Have any recs for me or want to share something cool you’re doing for your community? I love supporting fellow conscious business owners, so send ‘em over! Xo, Julianne

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