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An Enneagram biz guide just for you (Newsletter)

You understand the power of self-awareness. You know that in order for your business to thrive it's key to feel aligned with yourself.

Well, I'm going to introduce you to my favorite tool: the Enneagram.

Human beings are like rubber bands. We have the capacity to stretch and expand but the moment something sets us off, we snap right back into our old shape and form.

However, if we’re aware of our triggers, stressors, and ego structure, we can keep on stretching and maintain that expansiveness.

All this to be said, the Enneagram gives you a ton of clarity into yourself—especially when running a business. How?

Because it highlights why you do what you do. And how you might get in your own way, since your ego wants to keep you small and restricted (I know, what a jerk, right?)

By bringing to light all kinds of insights and shadow pieces, you can grow, water, and nurture yourself to create a thriving masterpiece that reflects you, in all of your full humanness.

Since I’ve used the Enneagram to shape my own business, I’ll tell you some shifts that happened in myself when I learned more about my type, The Loyalist:

  • I stopped trying to fit in, say the perfect thing, or worry if my opinion was right

  • I noticed how often I was looking for certainty and clarity, which often stopped me from trusting my own knowledge

  • I transformed anxious thought loops into this space of “both and” thinking, which allows room for multiple possibilities to exist

  • I tended to my body and heart centers more, working from the inside-out

  • I learned to be patient with myself—that means no more beating myself up if I didn’t get to everything on my to-do list. Honoring my natural energy levels has been a productivity game-changer.

  • I learned to trust my inner authority rather than seek validation or acceptance from others (as a recovering people-pleaser, this was huge)

  • I realized how essential community and relationship building is to me as someone who thrives off of deep human connection. For so long, I used to let social anxiety and fear of being judged get in the way.

  • I embraced my ability to ask questions, forecast problems, and troubleshoot - this all fits into my genius zone of helping people stretch their ways of thinking

I’m not saying that I don’t worry, don’t doubt myself, and suddenly have Beyonce-level confidence. This is an ongoing, non-linear journey that requires a lot of patience and self-compassion but with awareness, anything is possible. And I mean that in the non-corniest way.

Here’s my point: Everything you need—for your business, for your career, for you to feel that pure, ravishing joy—is already inside of yourself.

It’s a matter of waking up to it.

SO. I created this simple guide as a wake-up call to your Enneagram-type strengths which you can use as a tool to amplify your business.

Enneagram Biz Guide
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Last but not least, introducing:

Julianne’s List: A new roundup of reads and recs I’ll be including in my newsletters with a focus on spiritual wellness and social good.

  • Get thinking with this podcast episode from Twelfth House on the harmful language used in mainstream manifestation, and how brands have capitalized on it.

  • Get relaxed with these sustainably made meditation cushions from Sound as Color.

  • Get rest without the perfect aesthetic for your self-care Sunday. This piece on “rest porn” is a valuable read on real, messy rest vs. the glamorized rest we see all over Insta.

  • Get informed about how you can support Palestine with this helpful roundup of resources.

  • Get boppin’ with this playlist of happy, cheery anthems to jumpstart those summer feels.

Have any recs for me or want to share something cool you’re doing for your community? I love supporting fellow conscious business owners, so send ‘em over! Xo, Julianne

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