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A printable journal because goals don't have to suck ❤

Can you believe we’ve (almost) made it to 2022? How did we get here?

The turning of the calendar can make us think about the year we had and how we filled it. Whether you’re ending it on an up, down, or meh note, you got through it and that’s something to celebrate.

The pandemic has made me rethink a lot—especially our culture's obsession with productivity. The pressure to always be "on" feeds this belief that we’re only valuable when we’re getting shit done.

But things are changing.

People are quitting their jobs and rethinking their work. There’s a wave of anti-hustle culture emerging as people work to live and not live to work. People are glorifying doing nothing, dispelling the myth of laziness, and condemning capitalism. We love to see it.

So when it comes to New Year's goals and resolutions, maybe you don't want to subscribe to the idea of doing more.

But I also think goal-setting can exist separate from hustle culture.

Goals—when focused on meaning and value—can move you towards joy, possibilities, and things that light you up.

When you take out superficial success indicators or what you think you “should” be or work towards, goals can be an incredible source of inspiration. In tough times, sometimes you need those little twinges of hope and reminders that you are capable to start taking those first steps.

That's why I created New Year’s Goals (Julianne’s version).

The Goal and Intention Journal is a five-part printable workbook for your Enneagram type. It includes:

  • An overview of goal-setting challenges and tips for your type

  • Part One: Reflection - looking back at the past year and what you learned

  • Part Two: Release - making space for new things to blossom

  • Part Three: Vision - digging deep into what you want for yourself

  • Part Four: Build - putting everything together to create goals that are meaningful and bring joy

  • Part Five: Progress (optional) - space to check in with yourself through guided reflection questions

You can get yours right here (or above...or below) on Etsy for 99 cents. Yup...I finally launched my shop! This is also a little sneak peek at what’s to come for Enneagram Empress as I've been playing around with a few product ideas to encourage using the wisdom of your type (and beyond) in your day-to-day.

Sending lots of love and good vibes to you in 2022 - I’ll catch ya in your inbox later, about to go binge Queer Eye.



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