A Few Favorite Anxiety-Relieving Tips & Tricks From Experts

From tapping and the 90-second effect to meditation alternatives.

"Don't panic" tops the list of the worst words you can say to someone in the middle of a pandemic. It's like when you're anxious and someone tells you to calm down. It not only backfires and feels belittling, but it doesn't address the bigger problem.

So, how do we navigate these anxious feelings as more news and uncertainties arise? I've rounded up a few tips from psychology experts, keeping in mind that everyone's coping style is different. I hope these provide you with some comfort and relief!

90 Second Effect

The 90-second effect, coined by neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, says you should sit with the pain, the anger, the sadness, or anxiety for 90 seconds. Whatever you're feeling, notice that these thoughts are present.

The theory? When someone has an emotional response to something, there's a chemical process that takes, you guessed it, 90 seconds to flush out. When you really lean into what you're thinking, you'll notice that the thoughts will naturally drift away as the brain and body go through this process. After the 90 seconds have passed, you'll then formulate a response to these emotions which better leads you to self-awareness and an understanding of the action you can take.

EFT Tapping

Wash your hands before this one (sorry, but we were all thinking it 😂). Emotional Freedom Technique, aka tapping, is a self-healing technique developed by Gary Craig. It's based on Chinese medicine involving acupressure points, working to balance energy and reduce anxiety and emotional pain.