29 Things I've Learned By 29

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

1. It's silly to measure success and timelines by age. I've learned to stop saying things like, "by 30 I'll be working full-time for myself" or comparing myself to others who have it "figured out" (spoiler alert: no one does!). People peak at different times and you can reinvent yourself at any age. There is wisdom in the journey.

2. The word "should" needs to be burned at the stake. It's rooted in the idea of doing more and listening to what works for others (think: "I should have a morning routine if I want to be successful") instead of focusing on what works for you. The only thing you "should" do is honor what you need.

3. Patience is hard, but baby steps are the key to not burning out. As someone who's crashed and burned more times than I'm willing to admit, I've found it so much more valuable to play the long game by being intentional about what you do.

4. Mindset actually does matter. There's always going to be disappointment, people that talk you down, or things that make you question your worth—but when you're able to filter and shift those thoughts in a healthy way, you'll be able to pick yourself up from anything.

5. Feelings are neither good nor bad. Life is neither good nor bad. Once you stop labeling things in black and white terms, it frees up so much pain and guilt to just exist as is, without judgment.

6. Reflect often. It allows you to learn from experiences, put things into perspective, and create a better relationship with the things you actually want.

7. Empathy is always taking the higher road. Take the higher road.

8. Never apologize for changing. We're not meant to keep the same passions, same circles, same jobs, and same opinions throughout our life. Expansion isn't always about fully letting go or cutting something out. It can be keeping the door open as you explore something new. Honor whatever it is you need.

9. Find someone whose life you really frickin admire not to compare yourself to or remind you of what you don't have, but to use as your "soul teacher" for showing you what's possible when you live in alignment.

10. Adult friendships can be hard and at times you may feel really lonely. But more times than not, people are seeking connection just as much as you. Be the one who reaches out.

11. Sometimes you don't get closure, and it really sucks. Whether it's in a relationshi