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I'm gonna help you ditch your 9-5 and build a career you love—all based on your Enneagram type and strengths.

Yes, you CAN quit your shitty job, you CAN start your own biz...I'm going to show you how.

You've been dreaming of being an entrepreneur for how long now?

I know you:


  • Have a bazillion passions

  • Have been playing around with like 11 biz ideas but don't know which to pursue

  • Have questioned whether or not you can actually do this (you can)

  • Are worried you'll be stuck in a meaningless job the rest of your life

  • Need more than just encouragement, rather a plan of longevity and action based on who you are at your core
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Hey, I'm Julianne

I'm an Enneagram and Character Strengths coach.

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We're going to marry the results from these two personality tools in order to get crystal clear on your next move so you can:


✔️ Wake up singing Beyoncé every morning while drinking your morning espresso (not that awful stuff in the break room)

✔️ Meet a friend for lunch just because


✔️ Take on a new hobby like Yogalates

✔️ Say buh-bye to the job you hate and YASS to a path you love

My Approach:


I fuse positive psychology practices of the VIA Institute along with research on your Enneagram type to get to the nitty-gritty of who you are, then craft a plan of action.

The Enneagram uncovers motivation whereas the VIA survey highlights what you're good at. By looking at the results harmoniously, we can lean into areas where you excel and set goals that align with your inner self. Together, we will strategize and exercise your strengths to narrow down your focus which will set you up for longterm happiness and satisfaction.

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Why Me?


Because I’m just like you. I’ve been in the corporate world, led teams, started entrepreneurial endeavors, and am driven by my many passions. I know what it's like to feel stuck and compelled to pursue many things at once. 


With my expertise in the Enneagram and character strengths, I will help you get out of limbo and make your game plan. Consider me your hype girl and get-shit-done guru so you can make your next move with ease and confidence.

Finding your purpose is officially canceled.

Is it just me or is everyone obsessed with having a purpose nowadays? Well, you're off the hook here—because you, my friend, have many purposes.

Your purpose isn't one thing you find like a lost scrunchie under your bed. It's using a combination of the best parts of yourself every day in your job, your relationships, and as you go about life.


After working in senior positions in the digital marketing industry, I figured out just how much society is getting stuff wrong. 

We place so much emphasis on having "a thing" that you devote your life to. News flash: people change, grow, outgrow, and fall in and out of love every day.

 Rather than focus on "a thing" (an express lane to burnout) I want to help you focus on your strengths—because the truth is your passions WILL change but your core will stay the same. Research from VIA even shows that when we apply four out of our top seven strengths daily, we are happier and more fulfilled.

So let's take the pressure off of "finding purpose" because I bet that's what's holding you back. Instead, let's find meaning deep within yourself and use it to build a future you're proud of. Something you can go back to everyone who doubted you and say, "See? Told you I could do it."

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