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What if I told you that your personality is keeping you stuck?  




I'm not saying you're not awesome. Just hear me out.


We love to categorize ourselves.


An introvert or an extrovert

A cat person or a dog person

A Fall or a Summer.

A Swiftie.  

A Potterhead.

These characterizations can help us make sense of who we are and where we fit in.


But what happens when these qualities we identify with prevent us from being our full, embodied, complex selves?

Example: someone who labels themselves as shy—or thinks that others label them as shy—may not be inclined to speak up and struggle with feeling like they are valued. 


Or, someone who labels themselves as bold and confident—or thinks that others label them as bold and confident—may refuse to access vulnerability, preventing them from forming deep relationships. 


We collect these narratives about ourselves through our upbringing, past trauma, and being conditioned to fit into a box society finds acceptable. These things form your personality and thus, the way you see yourself.


But the more attached you grow to your personality, the harder it is to deal with change and adapt to the ebbs and flows of life. 


So what if you could untangle the beliefs and assumptions you have about yourself? What if you could discover the parts of yourself you need to heal and reacquaint with the parts you’ve learned to hide or tone down? 

What if you could reclaim your narrative and start living with more confidence, clarity, and ease?

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Enter: the Enneagram.

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The Enneagram is all about why you do what you do. It consists of nine personality types, each of which have a core motivation. Your personality forms as a way to express your innermost fears and desires, which is why each type has its own set of strengths, challenges, and patterns they encounter. 


The best thing about the Enneagram is that it shows a clear and actionable path to growth unlike a lot of other spiritual tools out there. The intention is to uncover your essence—aka who you are beyond the mask of your personality—so you can gain more control over your life.

How I work with the Enneagram: the Nine Types approach

I look at the Enneagram as a color spectrum.


Think about the color blue. While azure and violet are both in the blue family and share similar foundations, the shades themselves are not necessarily alike.

The same is true of the Enneagram. While your type shares similar foundational qualities with others of the same type, that doesn’t mean you are identical or operate 100% the same way. After all, you are an individual. You may even resonate with certain things about your type but not everything, and find yourself relating to more than one type.

A big reason for that, and something often forgotten, is that you have ALL nine types within you. While you have one dominant type that stays fixed throughout your life, there are other influences and factors that can cause your shade on the color spectrum to change as you evolve and experience life’s highs and lows. 

Whether you know your type or not, I always encourage you to dig deep into all nine types for two reasons:


  • To figure out which motivational style and patterns consistently reflect you. I strongly advise taking your time because you will find yourself relating to more than one (that’s ok!). As much as we love to learn the good things about ourselves, paying attention to the lower emotional and mental habits of the type can help you spot your dominant type and begin your healing process.

  • To learn the lessons of the other types. Because all nine types are within us to some degree, each archetype provides its own set of teachings. My theory is, why live in one area when you can access the whole map to make yourself a more dynamic, well-rounded individual?

The resources I have below are intended to help you explore yourself and provide guidance for getting the most out of your Enneagram journey by embracing all the unique, colorful aspects of yourself that make you whole. 

Tools + Resources

Goal WS covers (570 x 456 px) (Instagram Post) (1).png

If goal-setting has always felt impersonal or like a chore to you, I designed this 17-page printable journal just for you. While I love planning and organizing, goals in the traditional sense always give me the corporate ick.


So! I wanted to rewrite the way we look at goals through a more personal and less outcome-focused lens. While this was originally created as a New Year’s journal, it can be done at any time of the year and as often as you like.


The journals give an in-depth look at your Enneagram type to first help you understand your strengths and your challenges along with guided prompts to get your wheels turning for all the big things you want to accomplish.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 9.21.07 PM.png

Do you ever find yourself relating to ALL nine Enneagram types?


Even though you have one core type, the other types can teach you a lot about yourself as well. Whether you’re figuring out your type or know your type but want to access the Enneagram’s full potential, this 40-page printable journal helps you tap into the strengths and growth areas of each archetype. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 9.54.22 PM.png

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t wrong: everybody’s got a dark side.


But your dark side isn’t bad, scary, or something to be feared. Shadow work helps you understand your triggers, projections, and assumptions so you can be kinder to yourself and others.


The Enneagram is a potent source for uncovering what lurks in your shadow. This guided journal includes prompts and an overview to help you work through repressed emotions that may be keeping you stuck. The cool part of shadow work is that a lot of times the traits and qualities we think are bad can actually be a goldmine for hidden potential. 

*Note: I am a certified Enneagram coach, not a psychologist. While these journals are meant to support your healing journey and self-discovery process, in no way are they intended to replace therapy or work with a professional.


Enneagram Test: RHETI, $12

While the best way to determine your Enneagram type is through your own learning and exploration, the RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) is the best of the internet tests you can take, as it's developed by acclaimed Enneagram teachers Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. Keep in mind that tests aren't 100% accurate but are a great jumping-off point to spark your own self-discovery. 

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