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From Fear To Flow

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Learn to let go of mental blocks and align with your true vision through a coaching session with the Enneagram Empress.


Attention: Entrepreneurs and Creatives!

The Enneagram is the success strategy you haven't tapped into yet.


You may know your type—but do you know how to use it to get out of your own way and in touch with your creative flow?


Understanding your type gives you a clear idea of what’s blocking you: your fears, your patterns, and your specific inner critic. It offers you unparalleled self-awareness to get out of your own cycles and onto a path towards progress, transcendence, and soul-enlightenment in the work you do.

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How the Enneagram can help you get into flow at work:

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You know the days when you feel curious, creative, and like anything is possible?

By understanding your Enneagram type’s “virtue,” or path to your higher self, you can feel like this all. The. Time.

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You know the creative project, business idea, or new career you can’t stop dreaming about?

By learning the “vice” and core fear of your Enneagram type, you will understand why you’re really struggling to see this through—and what you can do about it.

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Deep diving into your Enneagram type gives you power to control your creative destiny.


The Enneagram is designed to help you remove the mental blocks and societal conditioning that stand in the way of your progress, while providing the clarity to FINALLY see through your vision at hand.

In your Fear To Flow coaching session, you’ll put a magnifying glass on where you’re stuck (fear) and break the cycle in order to feel in tune with yourself to make the progress you have been desiring to make (flow).

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Results you can expect from your coaching session:

  • Awareness and understanding of your core fear and how it has you stuck

  • Strategies most effective for your Enneagram type to reroute the thinking and emotional patterns from your core fear toward your core virtue

  • Clarity and a plan on your next steps in order to make progress on your vision

Your coaching session Includes:

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  • Clarification questions on your Enneagram type (if needed)

  • 1-hour Zoom meeting

  • Follow up email with your action plan + Enneagram strategies discussed in our session

How to sign up:

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This coaching session is valued at $153. Should you desire more than one session, there is always the opportunity to extend beyond!


About your coach:

Hi! I’m Julianne Ishler, also known as the Enneagram Empress. The Empress is a symbol of divine power, nurturing, and abundance, which is synonymous with flow and creative energy. We all have an Empress archetype inside of us, and since I’ve learned to tap into mine, I’m going to help you unleash yours.


For over 10 years, I have deeply studied spiritual wisdom and psychology tools to empower myself and others to live lives of freedom, creativity, and making your own rules. My Enneagram studies began in the Fall of 2019 and I quickly discovered that I am a natural at using this insightful system to help people like you overcome burnout and blockages so that you can follow your true career dreams. I am a big believer that you have the power and potential to follow your own path. So, if you’re a creative type or entrepreneur with a big vision, I am especially passionate about bringing your ideas to life through Enneagram coaching while unlocking your inner Empress.

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What people are saying

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"It is so apparent that Julianne is a master at the Enneagram. She is insightful, asks powerful questions and is so kind. She will compassionately push you to take a look in areas you can more awareness in so you can become the best version of yourself."

Taylor Kanigowski - TMCo Coaching

"I was amazed at how much I got out of just one session with Julianne. The enneagram always intrigued me, but I didn't realize it could be so helpful for my business. Julianne helped me better understand my target audience and goals, and I am so excited to apply her insights to my social media approach. I've never really known how to market myself in a way that felt authentic, but I walked away from our session with a new understanding of how my personality makes my business unique. If you are serious about starting a business, I would definitely recommend booking a session with Julianne."

-Sasha Piergeorge / Founder, Psychic Sasha

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