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The Lunar Enneagram 

Let go of the mental blocks holding you back from productivity and get in touch with your creative flow, using moon cycles and your Enneagram type.

Oct. 22 6 PM CT / 7 PM ET

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  • You have a big vision for your business and a billion ideas floating around (OK, more like 7. But still!)

  • You value freedom and being in tune with yourself to produce great results.

  • You know you want to make an impact in whatever you do.

What if you could learn to work with your natural creative cycle in a way that makes sense for your own personality type?

                   Now you can.

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In this 90-minute workshop, Enneagram Coach Julianne Ishler and Writer Sarah Blake give you practical tips and rituals for overcoming the barriers blocking you from your peak creative process. By fusing moon cycles with the Enneagram, you will leave with a redefined sense of productivity in a way that works for you and totally eliminates the possibility of burnout.

Using The Moon As A Guide

The moon acts as a creative guide in the sky. Whether or not you believe that the moon has power over your inner state, you can use the moon as a very practical tool and teacher for project creation and manifestation.

You cannot create a plan without knowing what you're planning.

You cannot celebrate something without taking action on it.

You cannot complete something without having started it.

And you cannot stay aligned with what's best for you without reevaluating and visioning again.

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How does this relate to the Enneagram?

Well, most of us get stuck in one phase. And we might favor a particular phase and use it as default mode.


The Enneagram is a personality-typing system that explains motivation AKA why you do what you do. Each of the nine types falls into one of three stances, which describes how you get what you want: Aggressive, Dependent, Withdrawn. 


Whether you know your Enneagram type or not (YES, you can still take this workshop even if you don’t), you will learn the strength and challenge phases for you specifically. Each type is feeling, doing, or thinking repressed—by using the moon cycles to bring this into balance, you will feel more aligned with your work.

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Here’s what you’ll get out of our 90-minutes:


  • An understanding of how the moon phases affect you and how they line up with your creative process

  • Strategies for taking advantage of your flow phase to get the results you desire

  • Best practices for rerouting personal obstacles in your challenge phase 

  • Reflection questions and rituals for deeper exploration


Register here for $20. When you sign up, you’ll get a free Enneagram typing guide.

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About Your Guides:


Julianne Ishler is a writer and Enneagram coach, fusing spiritual wisdom and psychology tools into her practices. As someone who has forged her own creative path, she helps fellow entrepreneurs figure out where they're stuck using the Enneagram, so they can fulfill their creative dreams.

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Sarah Blake is a copywriter, creative mentor, and the founder of Flow Create, a 4-week program that helps women harness their cycles to create lives and businesses with less force and more flow. Shaped by her own life-altering experience of burnout, Sarah is committed to helping women drop the hustle and live in alignment with their creative genius.

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