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Find your voice with the Enneagram.

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I help both creative individuals 
and brands unravel themselves to experience more clarity and tell impactful stories. 

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It's human nature to be curious about ourselves.

That's why we love personality tests and quizzes so much.

Whether you’re doing a test for work to see how you fit in with a team or going down a Buzzfeed rabbit hole to find out which kind of potato you are, there’s something to be said about wanting to learn more about ourselves: our defining traits, our underlying motivations, and even how others see us.

Whatever the reason is, if you’ve taken an in-depth assessment hoping to gain a solid understanding of yourself, one of the following has likely happened:

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  • You feel seen—it's like someone crawled into your mind and read your soul's blueprint. But wait, what exactly do you DO with the information?

  • You feel disappointed by your results or think you got the "bad" type.

  • You're surprised by your results or feel they are inaccurate, so you don’t dig any deeper.

  • You overidentify with aspects of your personality to make excuses for yourself. (i.e. "Sorry, I'm a 7 so I can't commit to any plans!" or "I'm a 9 so you make the plans.") 

  • You question how you can really be just ONE type when you relate to just depends on the day and your mood.


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Here's the thing — we are all dynamic, complete individuals that can't be defined by a single test, type, or trait. 

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You might have certain tendencies that come out in these tests, but ultimately you are a unique individual, and there’s no one-size-fits-all type out there that describes the entirety of who you are. 

Maybe you’ve heard of The Enneagram or already know what your type is, and you’re intrigued by it. But at the end of the day, how is it any different from any of the other methods you’ve explored that try to put you into a general bucket or category?


How can the Enneagram really help you or your business?

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The Enneagram is a tool to help you:

Uncover what needs healing in yourself


Learn your mental and emotional blocks

Understand others on a much deeper level

Connect with your ideal clients

Live with more confidence and ease

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Hey there,  
I'm Julianne Ishler

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I'm a certified Enneagram Specialist & Content Strategist reshaping the way individuals, brands, and business tell their stories—starting by owning their own

If there’s anything to know about me, it’s that I’m always asking questions.

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I used to think everyone else had secret information about how the world works that I wasn’t privy to. But once I figured out that no one actually knows what they’re doing and people are just pretending, it didn’t make me stop asking questions—it made me question things even more. 

My curiosity has led me to embrace many different life paths: from being a gossip reporter to working my way up in startups, and now, carving my path in the corporate world while also balancing being a creative business owner. Throw in moving cities and changing hair colors several times. 

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I like to think it’s because I’m never not asking myself, “why not?”

I’ve made big things in my life happen because of owning and accepting all the things that make me me. 

And now I want to help make big things happen for you, too.

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How I work with the Enneagram 

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How I work with the Enneagram 

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Enneagram for self-discovery

The cool thing about the Enneagram is that it’s not just about finding your type and calling it a day. There’s wisdom in ALL nine of the types that you can access to step into your full, embodied self. I always encourage people to take their time finding their type for this reason, because you can resonate with other aspects you might have overlooked only paying attention to your type. 


Whether you know your type or are trying to figure it out, it’s important to not box yourself in. To not be afraid to access the raw, messy, and parts of yourself that might not even make sense. 

I help you do that through guided, printable journals so you can live with more confidence and ease, and access unlimited creative flow.

Image by Prophsee Journals

Enneagram for brands & businesses

What if you could speak the language of your ideal client and attract business more naturally? The Enneagram helps you get hyper-specific about who your client is: their motivations, their triggers, how they want to see themselves, and so much more. 

It also gives YOU  a full circle, human understanding of who your brand is - because yes, your brand should feel like a living, breathing human being.


I help you create harmonious messaging and lead with empathy in your content strategy to make selling more fun and fluid.

Image by Olena Sergienko
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