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Hi, I'm Julianne!

I'm a writer, social media strategist, certified Enneagram coach, and friend inspiring you to find your voice and create a life of meaning.

I could tell you about how I've held senior positions in the digital marketing industry and written for major brands like Virgin Hotels. I could also tell you about how I coach people through the Enneagram with best practices to run their businesses. I can also tell you about how my freelance work has appeared in publications like Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, and Well + Good.


But the truth is, it's not about what you do. It's about why you do it.


For me, I want to bring more creative passion to the world and encourage people to ditch a traditional path if it so calls to them. I want to show people the magic that happens when you live most aligned with yourself. If you're here, you're probably curious, innovative, and know that you were meant for so much more. And that's how I know we're going to get along great.

How I can support you:

  • Asking you the right questions to figure out your next career move

  • Helping you realize what thoughts, feelings, and fears are blocking you

  • Ditching what's expected and undoing societal conditioning in order to best understand your strength zone + what you desire

  • Articulating your brilliant ideas and vision into a captivating story 

  • Creating a content strategy that you won't burn out from

  • Helping you reframe productivity from results and outcomes to flow and alignment

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I love helping people find their creative spark and transform it into a thriving business. 

My own story isn't a linear journey, and I'm proud of that. Every job, every phase, every weird hair color, everything I've tried and "failed" at has gotten me to where I want to be. While success isn't a destination, I show up everyday with the intention to live in alignment and help others do the same—

all through the power of storytelling.

I've been obsessed with stories my whole life. From studying sciptwriting at Ithaca College to working as a celebrity reporter straight out of college, I've always had an insatiable curiosity about why people are the way they are.

But, like most post-college grads hit with fear and student debt, I was swept away into the corporate world. Soon enough, I was climbing the ladder at social media startups and agencies, checking all the boxes of doing things "right." I managed my own social media team. I was leading creative strategy across pages with three million followers. I worked on branded campaigns for big name clients.


What wasn't on paper was the unsettling feeling inside my gut that I was lacking a deeper sense of fulfillment.


One cold February night in 2019 over a glass of red wine, I learned about something called the Enneagram. I was feeling so burnt out from my job and running another business at the time that I went down a rabbit hole of information uncovering my core motivation. Suddenly, it was so clear how fear kept me trapped in the same patterns of what I thought I was supposed to want, not what I actually did want.


The Enneagram has been such a source of wisdom for me, I thought everyone needed to know about it, obsessess over it, and most importantly, use it to change their lives.


The key to transforming your business isn't any external strategy out there—it's about transforming "you" from the inside out. Once you do, everything symbiotically flows and aligns. Just like magic. 

Finding your purpose is officially canceled.

Is it just me or is everyone obsessed with having a purpose nowadays? Well, you're off the hook here—because you, my friend, have many purposes.

Your purpose isn't one thing you find like a lost scrunchie under your bed. It's using a combination of the best parts of yourself every day in your job, your relationships, and as you go about life.


After working in senior positions in the digital marketing industry, I figured out just how much society is getting stuff wrong. 

We place so much emphasis on having "a thing" that you devote your life to. News flash: people change, grow, outgrow, and fall in and out of love every day.

 Rather than focus on "a thing" (an express lane to burnout) I want to help you focus on your strengths—because the truth is your passions WILL change but your core will stay the same. Research from VIA even shows that when we apply four out of our top seven strengths daily, we are happier and more fulfilled.

So let's take the pressure off of "finding purpose" because I bet that's what's holding you back. Instead, let's find meaning deep within yourself and use it to build a future you're proud of. Something you can go back to everyone who doubted you and say, "See? Told you I could do it."

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