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About Me

Hi, friend! I'm Julianne.

Enneagram Specialist.

Content Strategist.

Curious Observer of People & Personalities.

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I could tell you about how I've held senior roles in the digital marketing world and written for major brands like Virgin Hotels, Samsung, and other leading tech companies.


I could also tell you about how I’ve coached people through the Enneagram with best practices to run their businesses.


I could also tell you about how my freelance work has appeared in publications like Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, Well + Good, and more.


But the truth is, it's not about what you do


It's about why you do it.


For me, it’s about unleashing more creativity in the world. To provoke others to get out of their comfort zone and the box they’ve been trapped in (and hey, that’s what the Enneagram is all about!). I want to show people the magic that happens when you live most aligned with yourself. 


If you're here, you're probably curious, creative, and know that you were meant for so much more. And that's how I know we're going to get along great.

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My Story: why I love working with the Enneagram

Maybe it’s because I was at a point in my life where I was seeking “more”

out of my life and work. 


Maybe it’s because it finally felt like a spiritual tool with practical elements

that didn’t feel so out of reach. 


Or, maybe it was a new fun way to talk about celebrity gossip. 


Either way, I was hooked.


That’s when I decided to get certified as an Enneagram coach, and I

began to brainstorm all the ways I could leave my 9-to-5. I was

convinced I had to choose: a career in the Enneagram or a career

in writing and content. On top of that, I felt the pressure to choose

one quickly so I didn’t lose momentum, which only led to more



Through trial and error and cultivating all kinds of grace and patience, I

did what I didn't think was possbile.


I chose both.  


I began to see that I didn’t have to lead a separate corporate life and

separate spiritual life, trading one hat for the other at 5 PM every weekday. 

I've always been fascinated by people. From strangers at the airport to characters on my favorite TV shows, I love studying people's quirks and habits and coffee orders and what that says about them. 


So when I discovered the Enneagram—a tool that explains the "why" of human behavior versus the "how"—you bet I went deep down the rabbit hole fast.


While I’ve always been classified obsessed with self-discovery tools like tarot, astrology, Human Design, you name it, the Enneagram hit different. 

It's time to ditch the binary way of thinking.

A lot of times, we think we can only choose one thing or the other. Or we can only BE one way or the other. This allows us to make assumptions, overgeneralize, and perhaps only see the good or the bad, the right or the wrong.

Humans love to categorize because it helps them simplify and make sense of a complex world.

But this learned way of thinking is also what keeps many of us trapped. It blocks us from accepting the grey areas and the contradictions in ourselves and others that make us whole. 

The Enneagram is just one tool to untangle your beliefs and expand your mindset to see the both/and. Embracing the idea that multiple things can be true at once opens the door for more creativity, acceptance, and powerful, aligned decision-making.

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The fun stuff

  • I'm a 6w7, 3/5 Mental Projector, a Cancer rising and Sagittarius sun and moon

  • I'm from Chicago and now live in LA—but if I could live anywhere in the world it'd be Copenhagen

  • I've interviewed Shawn Mendes, Caroline Polacheck, Charli XCX, and more during my reporter days

  • A good playlist is my love language—the moodier, the better

  • I love thrifting and collecting one-of-a-kind clothes, furniture, and knickknacks

  • I'm always down to explore new places, especially small towns and remote destinations

  • ...but I'm also the biggest homebody. My perfect night includes Netflix, takeout, and a fall-scented candle. 

  • I will 100% talk about the latest celebrity gossip and indulge in conspiracy theories with you

  • My ride-or-die foods are French fries, chickpeas, and feta cheese

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